Family Roots and Unbreakable Bonds!

F.A. Days heating oil delivery truck
Old family photo of employees
Old photos of F.A. Days employees
Old photo of F.A. Days fueling a tank

Nestled in the heart of Provincetown, Massachusetts, our story begins with a rich legacy of family roots and a steadfast dedication to our cherished customers. For over five decades, F.A. Days & Sons has been the beacon of trust for propane and heating oil services on the lower Cape, building strong bonds with the community we proudly call home.

Our journey has been one of continuous growth, guided by an unwavering commitment to delivering superior service fueled by the spirit of togetherness with our customers. We understand that each family, business, and establishment we serve is unique, and our diverse customer portfolio reflects our ability to cater to a wide range of propane and heating needs.

With our roots firmly anchored in Provincetown, our connection to the community runs deep. Our dedicated team of licensed drivers and technicians, many of whom were born and raised right here, live in the very towns we serve. This close-knit relationship ensures that we not only understand the needs of our customers but also share in their joys and challenges.

As we’ve grown, so has our fleet, a testament to our commitment to efficient and reliable service. Our six propane trucks, two oil trucks, and five service trucks are all fueled by the passion and dedication of our team. We believe in offering comprehensive solutions for every heating requirement, from state-of-the-art heating systems to space heaters, ensuring our customers’ comfort in every season.

At F.A. Days & Sons, we believe in putting our customers first, always. Our 24-hour emergency service and delivery ensure that you are never left in the cold. Moreover, we remain committed to providing competitive pricing for our services, installations, propane, and oil rates, making us the trusted choice for all your heating needs.

With heartfelt gratitude, we thank you for placing your trust in F.A. Days & Sons. As we look to the future, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to continue serving the Outer Cape region with unwavering excellence, building lasting family roots and strong bonds with each and every one of our valued customers.

With Gratitude,

Christopher E. Enos
Owner / President

F.A. Days heating oil delivery truck and fleet truck
Old F.A. Days heating oil delivery truck
Old F.A. Days truck and employee
Old F.A. Days heating oil delivery truck in a parade