Residential Propane Services on the Outer Cape

At F.A. Days, we provide reliable, affordable propane services for both residential and commercial customers on the Outer Cape. Our vast range of offerings include installation, servicing, and maintenance of LP tanks, boilers, space heaters, fireplaces, cookstoves, dryers, pool heaters, and generators. Committed to professionalism and customer satisfaction, we ensure our services are dependable, convenient, and budget-friendly. All work done by F.A. Days is guaranteed to comply with or surpass Massachusetts building and safety codes.

LP Gas Tank Sales & Installations

LP storage tanks are integral to any propane setup. Available in various sizes, LP tanks can be installed either above or underground. F.A. Days specializes in installing, maintaining, and replacing LP tanks of all sizes. Be it for new construction, renovation, or replacement, we ensure your installation is convenient, safe, and cost-effective. Contact our office today to discover the best LP tank solution for you.


Propane Boiler Installations and Service

F.A. Days excels in the full installation and servicing of high-efficiency boilers designed to heat your home economically. Get in touch with our office to discuss the best choice for your heating needs.


Propane Heaters, Fireplaces & Appliances

Heat and hot water are not the only things that run off propane. F.A. Days is a full-service provider and can service all your propane appliances. Cookstoves, fireplaces and dryers are just a few of the most common household appliances that make ones house a home.