LP Gas Tank Sales & Installations

At F.A. Days, we offer an extensive variety of both aboveground and underground LP tanks for sale and installation. If you’re looking to acquire a new LP tank or replace an existing one, our dedicated service department will guide you towards an LP tank setup that perfectly suits your needs.

Aboveground LP Tanks


120-Gallon LP Tank: This tank is often used for singular, low-demand appliances like cooking ranges, fireplaces, or small space heaters.

330-Gallon LP Tank: For mid-sized residential properties with multiple propane appliances, the 330-gallon tank is a popular choice. It can comfortably accommodate appliances like water heaters, clothes dryers, and central heating systems.

500-Gallon LP Tank: The 500-gallon tank is ideal for larger homes with multiple propane-powered appliances and heating systems. It can also be used for small commercial purposes.

1,000-Gallon LP Tank: Generally used for commercial purposes or large residential properties with high propane usage, the 1,000-gallon tank offers significant storage capacity.

Underground LP Tanks


500-Gallon Underground Tank: The underground variant of the 500-gallon tank is perfect for homeowners who prefer to keep their tank out of sight while still meeting their propane needs.

1,000-Gallon Underground Tank: Offering the same high capacity as its aboveground counterpart, this tank is hidden from view to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Please note that while these are standard sizes, other capacities may be available based on your specific requirements. It’s important to evaluate your regular propane usage and future needs before making a decision about tank size. Feel free to contact F.A. Days for more personalized advice based on your propane needs.


Propane Tank Installation from F.A. Days

The Process

Ownership Options: Would you prefer to own or lease your LP tank? Each option comes with its benefits and considerations, and we’re here to help you make an informed decision.

Installation Options: Do you desire an above-ground or underground LP tank? Each type has its advantages, from accessibility to aesthetics.

Usage Evaluation: What are your propane needs? For instance, will you be using propane for heating, hot water, cooking, powering a generator, or other appliances? The nature and quantity of your LP appliances will determine the optimal size and storage capacity of your LP tank.

Personalized Recommendation: Based on your responses, our service department will recommend a customized solution tailored to your unique LP tank needs.

As an F.A. Days customer, you can expect a comprehensive and guided journey through this process, ensuring you end up with a convenient, affordable, and efficient LP installation.

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Propane Safety Resources

Propane is a popular choice among our customers due to its affordability, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Although propane is generally safe, it should always be handled with respect and care. We encourage all our customers to read through our propane safety guidelines and essential information to ensure the safe and efficient use of this fuel. At F.A. Days, we’re committed to making your home a safe, comfortable, and peaceful sanctuary for your family.