F.A. Days' Out-of-Gas Safety Procedures

Immediate Actions When You Run Out of Propane

If your propane supply depletes, follow these essential steps for safety and to quickly restore service:

  • Close Propane Valves: Immediately shut the service valve on your propane tank and turn off all appliance valves to ensure safety.
  • Contact F.A. Days & Sons, Inc.: Call us without delay at (508) 487-0041. It’s crucial that you are present at home so that our technicians can perform a comprehensive leak check on your gas system and safely relight any pilot lights.
  • Special Service Requests and Charges

  • Special Trip Requests: Should you need service outside your regular schedule, we can arrange a visit during office hours (Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM). Note that additional charges apply for after-hours, weekends, or holiday services.
  • Charges for Out-of-Gas Situations: Customers with “Automatic or Budget” accounts in good standing incur no fees for out-of-gas situations. However, “Will Call” customers, and those with overdue “Automatic or Budget” accounts, will be charged a $140.00 fee. All overdue balances must be cleared at the time of delivery, along with any applicable fees.

  • Guidance for Will-Call Customers

  • Monitoring and Ordering Fuel: It’s your responsibility to monitor your propane levels and schedule deliveries. To avoid running out, we recommend ordering fuel when your tank reaches 30% capacity.
  • Consequences of Depletion: F.A. Days is not liable for any damage or harm caused by a lack of propane, including but not limited to frozen pipes, structural damage, or personal injury.
  • Emergency Deliveries: Please note, emergency deliveries for will-call customers are limited and subject to additional fees and availability constraints.

  • Commitment to Safety

    Your safety and property protection are paramount. By following our propane safety guidelines, you ensure a safe and uninterrupted propane supply. For any questions or additional help, please contact us immediately.